Researchers at the University of Geneva found out that resveratrol, a valuable natural component in grapes, has properties to combat one of the most aggressive diseases - lung cancer, reports Tengrinews.kz, citing Science Daily. This conclusion was made after an experiment with mice that were exposed to a carcinogen contained in tobacco smoke. Resveratrol was used for the subsequent treatment of rodents. The method of administering the substance - not orally (as it happened in earlier experiments), but through the nose - revealed the efficacy of the phenolic compound against lung cancer. Participants of the experiment were divided into four groups: in the first, control, neither carcinogen nor resveratrol were given, in the second, both substances were given at once, and in two mice they were given one of the substances. It turned out that in mice that received "treatment", the tumor size was reduced by an average of 45 percent compared with animals from another group.

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Source: tengrinews.kz