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WATER-SOLUBLE LIQUID FERTILIZERS for foliar application and drip irrigation. Suitable for all cultures. (VEGETABLES, TREES, FLOWERS)

Method of application and dosage: for all types of crops, regularly throughout the season, depending on the needs, with foliar application at a dosage of 1-2 l / ha, with drip irrigation at a dosage of 5-15 l / ha. Shake well before use!

Compatibility: the product can be used in conjunction with other fertilizers and basic agrochemicals, but it is recommended to test in small doses before each use.

Note: The aforementioned application rates, compatibility and application methods are common, please contact our representative for consultation.

Warning: avoid contact with eyes and skin! Keep out of the reach of children! Never exceed the appropriate dose! Use only where necessary! Do not inhale! In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and, if necessary, consult a doctor. Use protective clothing, gloves, eye and face protection! Corrosive.


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Hybrid tomato Erkol F1 / SYNGENTA

Great tomato for canning

-Plant of medium vigor

-Fruits are elongated-pear-shaped (elongated cream), dense, with excellent outer and inner color

-Average fruit weight 95-100 g

-Content of dry matter 5.3-5.5%

Suitable for mechanized harvesting


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Hybrid tomato Hepinet F1 / SYNGENTA NEW !!!


-new pink-fruited tomato for fresh consumption

-medium-early hybrid, 65-70 days from transplanting

- a plant with very good vigor and strong leaf apparatus

-the hybrid is unpretentious in technology, develops well on all types of soils

-fruits of high quality, 230-260 g (up to 300 g), can be harvested with a peduncle, very strong and transportable, have a bright outer and inner pink color

-the hybrid sets well and pours fruits that are resistant to cracking and top rot even in very hot weather and uneven watering


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Hybrid tomato Yusuf F1 / ENZA ZADEN


Ripening period: early

The plant is well leafy, compact, has a powerful root system.

The plant has high productivity, as well as excellent quality.

Fruits are leveled, round, dark red, weighing 180 grams on average.



For fresh consumption. Suitable for outdoor cultivation.

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