History of the institute

Генеральный директор:
Ященко Роман Васильевич
доктор биологических наук

       Институт зоологии Комитета науки Министерства образования и науки Республики Казахстан (далее - Институт зоологии кН МОН РК / Институт зоологии / Институт) - научно-исследовательское учреждение, занимающееся изучением животного мира Казахстана. . Является членом Комитета науки Министерства образования и науки Республики Казахстан как республиканское государственное предприятие на праве хозяйственного ведения. Институт зоологии был основан в 1932 году как зоологический сектор Казахского отделения Академии наук СССР (ныне Национальная академия наук Казахстана), а с 1943 года является самостоятельным исследовательским институтом. В настоящее время Институт зоологии является основной и единственной научной зоологической организацией в Республике Казахстан.

       The main purpose of the Institute is to study the fauna, ecology and biology of wild animals, especially those of economic, epidemiological and epizootic significance, as well as to study endemic, rare and endangered animal species in order to develop measures for their conservation.

       The forerunner Of the Institute of Zoology was the Zoology Sector of the Kazakh branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences. The first head of the sector was Sergey Ivanovich Snegirevsky. Under the leadership of the sector, the Alma-ATA zoo (1937) and the parasitological hospital in Chimkent were established. The sector also worked on the development of new breeds of sheep.

       In 1943, the Zoology sector was transformed into a separate Institute. The new organization was divided into five sectors: ecology and zoogeography, Parasitology, genetics and agriculture, animal husbandry, and the development of national experience. The initiator of the Foundation of the Institute and the first Director was the outstanding Soviet zoologist Valentin Alexandrovich Dogel, who was evacuated to Alma-ATA during the great Patriotic war.

      In 1946, the Institute was subordinated to the newly formed Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR. New laboratories were opened: Hydrobiology and paleozoology. Employees of the Institute carried out a large-scale work to collect information about the animal world of Kazakhstan. A systematic work by the Soviet zoologist and hunting expert Arkady Sludsky on the biology of muskrats has been published. However, the main activity of the Institute during the 1940s was Parasitology. In the 1950s, major projects were initiated to study agricultural pests and systematize information about the animal world of Kazakhstan (especially about birds and reptiles), in the 1960s — on entomology.

      Currently, the Institute is subordinate to the science Committee of the Ministry of education and science of Kazakhstan.

       In different years, such famous scientists as Igor Dolgushin, Illarion Galuzo, Evgeny Gvozdev, Turganbay Doszhanov, Eduard Gavrilov, Amankul Bekenov and others worked at the Institute of Zoology.

       In January — August 2013 and from December 2018 to the present, the Director of the Institute is doctor of biological Sciences Roman Yashchenko.