Institute activities

The main directions of scientific research:

Taxonomic and faunistic research: the study of fossil fauna, clarification of the taxonomic composition of the fauna (mainly invertebrates), preparation of the Cadastre of the fauna of Kazakhstan. Conservation of the biological diversity of the fauna of Kazakhstan: maintaining the Red Book of Kazakhstan, optimization of networks of protected areas, substantiation of measures for the protection of species from the Red Book of Kazakhstan, study of anthropogenic influence (including radiation) on animals.

Creation of a scientific basis for the regulation of the number of harmful species: the study of animal parasites, the study of pests of medical and agricultural importance.Creation of a scientific base to optimize the study of resource animal species in Kazakhstan.

By the beginning of the XXI century, the Institute has published over 200 scientific monographs, books, reference books, as well as more than 100 popular scientific works. During the study of the fauna of Kazakhstan, more than 800 new species have been described. By now, the Institute has collected and summarized a large collection material for the study of the geography and biology of animals in Kazakhstan and Asia.

The Institute has close ties with scientific institutions from the post-Soviet states, the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, China and other countries of the world. Also, the institute is the scientific body of CITES in the Republic of Kazakhstan on fauna (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), which provides work on the preparation of state conclusions on the export and import of wild animals.