Directions of the scientific activity

• Creation, preservation of the gene pool of fruit and berry crops and grapes, including in vitro culture, isolation of donor genotypes from it, steadily transferring valuable biological properties to the selection progeny.

• Creation, based on the use of the gene pool, of new competitive varieties of various breeds with a complex of valuable qualities, their introduction into production.

• Investigation of the issues of regeneration of fruit, berry crops and grapes, development of technology for their microclonal reproduction to create super-elite mother plants of valuable breeds and varieties and their subsequent reproduction on an industrial scale.

• Creation, testing of the gene pool of clonal rootstocks of fruit species, isolation of the most valuable from them, development of technological methods for their accelerated reproduction and introduction into production

• Development of technologies for the cultivation of fruit, berry crops and grapes and technical means to increase the yield and quality of fruits and reduce the labor costs of their cultivation.

• Development of methods of irrigation, maintenance of soil fertility, including on ecologically disturbed lands and systems for protecting garden plantations from pests and diseases.

• Adaptation, testing and introduction into Kazakhstani production of the best foreign varieties and modern systems of management, the formation of fruit trees, grape bushes and engineering methods of irrigation of plantations, etc.

• Training and retraining of scientific personnel and agricultural specialists.

• Conducting joint research with leading foreign scientific centers