Scientific directions

The Institute carries out the following activities:


·      Improves existing and develops new equipment and technologies for food products from animal and vegetable raw materials, including for bakery, confectionery, fruit and vegetable, meat and dairy, fermentation, beer and soft drinks, wine, feed and other industries;

·      Develops and improves technologies for creating new food products, including national (shubat, koumiss) products, baby food and a wide range of functional areas;

·      Develops and improves technologies for creating food and biologically active additives to ensure the quality and safety of raw materials and food products;

·      Develops and improves technologies for processing and storing fruits and vegetables cultivated in the southern, southeastern regions of Kazakhstan;

·      Creates and improves equipment and technologies for deep processing of livestock products;

·      Carries out work on the formation, preservation and development of the gene pool of microorganisms for the food industry;

·      Carries out development work in the processing and food industries;

·      Provides services for the manufacture of technological and auxiliary equipment for enterprises for processing agricultural products, including peasants and farms;

·      Improves existing and develops new drafts of state and industry standards, technical regulations, standards, methodological documents on the organization of production, standardization and certification of food products;

Participates in the promotion and dissemination of scientific achievements and knowledge (publishing, organization and holding of scientific conferences and seminars, round tables, etc.) and in the integration of education and science in the processing and food industries during the transition to a modern model of personnel training;

Provides consulting services to enterprises of various forms of ownership on the processing and storage of agricultural products.