Main directions of the scientific activity

• study of the mechanisms of microbiological transformation of metals and the development of technologies for bioremediation of the environment using microorganisms

• development of technologies and bacterial preparations for microbiological cleaning of water bodies, soil and industrial effluents from oil pollution

• development of microbiological plant protection products against infectious diseases of various nature

• creation of probiotic preparations for the prevention and treatment of intestinal infections and dysbacteriosis in humans and farm animals

• search and study of new antibiotics, increasing the activity of producers of known antibiotics

• studying the problems of long-term preservation of industrially valuable strains of microorganisms, increasing the activity of biologically active substances, preserving and replenishing collection funds of microorganisms

• study of the mechanisms of circulation of the influenza virus in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, isolation of influenza virus strains from humans, animals and birds, their biochemical, immunochemical, molecular and phylogenetic analysis

• isolation of strains of avian paramyxoviruses, which are of great practical importance for agriculture in Kazakhstan, their biochemical, immunochemical, molecular and phylogenetic analysis

• improvement of methods of immunodiagnostics and molecular diagnostics of ortho- and paramyxoviruses, development of improved test systems for simplified express diagnostics of viral infections

• development of new generation vaccine preparations based on purified viral proteins, search and study of new immunostimulants to increase the effectiveness of vaccine preparations

• development of new therapeutic and prophylactic antiviral drugs of plant and microbial origin for the treatment and prevention of viral infections

• study of the mechanisms of the pathogenic action of the influenza virus and its structural components on cellular structures and organs.

RSE "Institute of Microbiology and Virology" KN MES RK is the head organization of the main scientific direction "Biological bases of industrial microbiology and biotechnology" of the fundamental research program "Regularities of functioning of biological systems - the basis for the creation of innovative technologies for medicine, agriculture and environmental protection" for 2009-2011. The Institute carries out scientific research on 6 projects of the PFI, 8 projects of the Republican scientific and technical programs and the 1st project of the ISTC. The Institute of Microbiology and Virology has developed and recommended a number of microbiological preparations for production. The following are drugs by field of application:

1. Ecology

• "Bakoil KZ" is a highly effective bacterial preparation for microbiological cleaning of water bodies, soil and industrial effluents from oil pollution. The drug is based on active strains of oil-oxidizing bacteria. The results of field tests of the drug showed a decrease in the content of oil in oil-contaminated soil by 77-86%.


2. Agriculture

• "Rizovit - AKS" is a highly effective drug created on the basis of strains of nodule bacteria. The action of the drug is based on the ability of nodule bacteria to fix atmospheric nitrogen. The drug increases the yield, the quality of finished products and soil fertility, allows you to get an environmentally friendly product, and reduces the incidence of plants. The sales market is well established. • "Kazbiosil" - specialized concentrated starter cultures containing highly effective strains of lactic acid bacteria, producers of lactic and acetic acids. Bio-preservatives are intended for ensiling a wide range of fodder plants. • Feed additive "Bentobak" - probiotic of physiological purpose, promotes better assimilation of roughage, reducing the risk of acidosis in animals. The drug leads to an increase in live weight of farm animals by 30%, a decrease in feed costs by 5%. The drug is an association of propionic acid and cellulolytic bacteria.


3. Plant protection

• Trichodermin is a mushroom preparation for combating root rot of potatoes, sugar beets and other vegetable crops.


4. Veterinary medicine

• Lactovit is a therapeutic and prophylactic drug based on lactic acid and propionic acid bacteria for the prevention of colibacillosis and salmonellosis of young farm animals and birds.


5. Healthcare

• Roseofungin is a broad-spectrum antifungal polyene antibiotic for the treatment of deep and superficial mycoses. The spectrum of action of this antibiotic is much wider than the known antifungal drugs. • Plantafermin is a therapeutic and prophylactic drug based on lactic acid and bifidobacteria. It is intended for the treatment and prevention of dysbacteriosis of various etiologies, inflammatory and infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal and urogenital tracts. • Polylactobacillus is a probiotic composed of an association of lactic acid and propionic acid bacteria.