Наиболее крупные научные результаты

1. A comprehensive ecological assessment of the disturbed ecosystems of the Kyzylorda region in the oil production zone is given and methods of their restoration by means of reclamation and bioremediation are developed. Technological instructions were developed for the production of biological products for cleaning the soil from oil based on new associations of oil-oxidizing bacteria.   

 2. The restoration of the fertility of saline soils in the Kazakhstan Aral Sea region was carried out on the basis of the use of the developed microbial preparations.   

 3. Technologies have been developed and pilot production of biological products for agriculture and environmental protection has been organized.    

4. The prevalence, variability and transmission routes of pathogens of a number of viral infections relevant for the Republic of Kazakhstan (human, swine and bird flu viruses, avian paramyxoviruses, West Nile virus, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus) have been studied and effective biological products have been developed for their diagnosis, prevention and treatment.   

 5. The preservation and development of collection funds of plants, animals, microorganisms, viruses and unique genetic banks as a basis for fundamental research has been ensured.