The Institute has developed and improved:

-Technology for the development of highly saline alkaline soils (a number of its modifications: NTOZ-1, NTOZ-2, NTOZ-3).

- Techniques for increasing soil fertility and productivity of agricultural crops using adaptogen preparations (39 modifications) for cereals, legumes, vegetables and fruit and berry crops.

- Measures to improve arable land from contamination by heavy metals.

- Techniques for the development, increasing the fertility of soils that have come out of agricultural circulation of unused and low-productive soils.

- Effective methods of obtaining biomineral and bioorganic fertilizers based on zeolite and glauconite and methods of their application.

Since 2008, the scientific journal "Soil Science and Agrochemistry" has been published quarterly.

Since 2008, the Public Association "Society of Soil Scientists, Agrochemists and Agroecologists" has been operating.

Since 2006, the Institute has been a co-founder of Agrokhimekosodruzhestvo between the CIS countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus, since 2010 it is a co-founder of the International Society of Soil Scientists from Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Azerbaijan.

In 2011, a practical farmer school for the dissemination of knowledge on innovative technologies for rice cultivation was created on the Akdala irrigation array.

The institute has a branch of the department: "Soil science, agrochemistry and ecology" KazNAU

In 1974, the staff of the Institute was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor for their successful work and direct participation in the virgin epic.

In 1984, the staff of the Institute was awarded the State Prize of the Kazakh SSR for the development of "Scientific foundations of land reclamation assessment to substantiate the development of irrigation in Kazakhstan".

In 2009, a certificate for the discovery "The regularity of the influence of the above-soil layer of water on the growth of plant (rice) development".

The institute took part in the development of new technologies and in 2011, an employee of the department, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences. Kan V.M. became the Laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan for a series of works on the topic: Technology of creation and organization of production of biological products "Kazbiosil", "Rizovit-AKS" "Bakoil-KYa" for agriculture and environmental protection.