The expected results of the study are:

  1. Development of methodology, methodology and technology for solving fundamental inverse and tomographic problems;
  2. Mathematical models of inverse problems of geochemistry and geophysics;
  3. Numerical methods for solving discrete analogs of inverse problems of geochemistry and geophysics based on the theory of conjugate equations;
  4. Mathematical model and effective numerical methods of solution within the framework of the adopted approach for solving the inverse problem for describing inhomogeneous geochemical fields based on the Gelfand-Levitan equation;
  5. Mathematical model, methods and algorithms for solving tomography problems based on geochemical data based on representations of statistical physics;
  6. Creation of a complex of computer programs for numerical implementation of the developed algorithms using supercomputer computing technologies;
  7. Creation of a GIS module for solving inverse and tomographic problems, which will become an important component of forecasting, identifying and evaluating hidden mineral deposits.